Greetings from Whistler

I don’t believe in coincidences. Earlier this week I had an email conversation with a friend that ended up in discussion about fear (I forget how it began). He saw fear as the opposite of greed; I saw fear giving rise to greed.

Then, later, my family hiked a glacier to climb Whistler Peak (“Via Ferrata”). Two days later, my kids stepped off a bridge more than 160 feet above an engorged river.

Standing on the bridge, watching my children fling themselves off into the air, I thought of a line from a post I’d written just a few weeks ago: “I had been inspired in small ways to live a life that would always push against the limits of my own fears.” As powerful as it is to push against your own limits, nothing beats watching your kids learn to do the same.

  • Bags


    Coming from a kid whose parents are (oddly) supportive of my risk-taking, I can’t emphasize how important this principle is… I don’t think I’d be able to do what I am doing now if I didn’t have an awesome support system.

    Thanks for teaching fantastic principles on your blog… and for inspiring me to do scary stuff. I’m learning quickly that the worst thing that could happen is failure… and failure really isn’t that bad. It definitely doesn’t last very long. And most of the time, the failure is worth the risk.

    • jerrycolonna

      You’re welcome Bags. Thanks for reassuring me (by giving me the perspective of a kid of “oddly” supportive parents). After posting those pictures, I had this twinge of “What the hell was I thinking???”
      But the truth is, seeing the look on my 14-year old’s face after he was the first to the top (and knowing that he starts high school in the fall which–of course–is a far scarier thing since he’s not clipped into any cables for that ascent), I knew it was the right thing.

      BTW…To be fearless is to know fear. And fearless and reckless are two very different things (that’s the Dad in me speaking).

  • Scott Barnett

    Can others see the pictures?  I cannot see them… the anticipation is killing me :-)

    • jerrycolonna

      Not sure what happened Scott but the pictures disappeared. Should be fixed now.

      • Scott Barnett

        yes, fixed.  How could you watch that without your heart jumping into your throat, much less taking the pictures!  Looks like a blast.

        • jerrycolonna

          That’s where the fearless part came in. Much easier for me to fall out of airplanes and such then to watch my kids plummet to the earth

  • Brian Kung

    To teach others to “live a life that would always push against the limits of [their] own fears” is the pinnacle of what anyone could achieve as a teacher and a father. Thank you for the inspiration, Jerry.

    • jerrycolonna

      You’re welcome, Brian. Thanks for reassuring me, giving me that comfort.